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Making Ourselves Look Foolish '08: Week 5

Calgary at Winnipeg
And so begins the curse of Westwood.  Oh sorry, I meant the curse of Little Hawk. 

Honestly, I don’t think that the Bombers have been as bad as their record would indicate at this point.  They’ve only really had the one game where they looked completely overmatched. That being said, I kind of understand benching the man who was the East nominee for MOP last year.  He’s thrown an interception on 6% of his passes.  That’s not just bad, that’s Mike McMahon territory.

Pick: Calgary

Edmonton at Hamilton

Seeing this game on the schedule last year would have made me repeatedly vomit.  This year, I’m merely indifferent. 


Pick: Edmonton

Montreal at BC

How could they schedule one of these valuable Als-Lions rivalry games prior to Labour Day?  Is nothing sacred CFL?  Nothing!?!?!

Pick: BC

Toronto at Saskatchewan

The Argos announced last night that they have signed Todd Lowber, a receiver that had no football experience prior to signing with the Vikings last year. Lowber was apparently a slam dunk champion in high school. Basically, they’re hoping to find lightning in a bottle again like they did with Byron Parker.  Next up to be signed, former New Hampshire high school slam dunk champion, Matt Bonner.

Pick: Toronto

Bonus Pick:

All of the Argos have been injured in practice leaving Pinball to play the Riders by himself. Adding to the challenge is that the dastardly Ken Miller has developed a gigantism ray and has made all of the Riders 12 feet tall.  How does Pinball do?

Boatmenblog Pick: Pinball easily manoeuvres through the legs of the giant Riders rapidly piling up points. Dejected with the result, Giant Scott Schultz and Giant Mike Abou-Mechrek break out of the stadium and terrorize the Saskatchewan countryside by eating all of the crops they could find. The price of wheat skyrockets on the lower supply causing a worldwide foot shortage and causes riots in major cities throughout Asia, Africa and South America.  Oh, and Pinball wins.  Pinball 147  Giant Riders 8

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