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When cheerleaders go wild

We have to say, it's truly been a banner year for the young ladies who patrol the CFL's sidelines. There was the infamous Howard Stern appearance by the Ticats' Ashley H. and Deanna G. (Sorry, but cheerleaders just shouldn't have last names.) There's the curious double-agent status of Michelle and Lauren. And now, there's this - overly enthusiastic members of the "Blue Lightning" (who really must have a showdown with the Blue Thunder at some point) roaming hotel hallways, terrorizing Roughriders fans with singing, taunting and the occasional bit of toplessness.  

Now, to be honest, we have some doubts as to how wild and crazy these girls really were. For all the talk of "'hootin' and hollerin' into the wee hours," the complainants allege that the girls left their doors open as they got changed to hit the town later that night - which means either Regina is one crazy 24-hour party town, or it wasn't really all that late to begin with.

Nevertheless, we heartily applaud Winnipeg's finest for doing their best to give 'Riders fans a thrill. See, at last year's Riderville party at the Grey Cup, we found ourselves on a balcony watching in awe as a middle-aged Saskatchewanian did his best to curry favour with unsuspecting young women lining up for the nightclub down below. Sadly, his game needed a little work - "I've got my eye on you" isn't really the smoothest pickup line, especially when it comes from a guy sporting a green wig and facepaint and standing next to his very disapproving wife. But it's somehow heartening to know that, when the Bombers cheerleaders are on hand, there are women who actually want that guy's eye on them.

For the record, it's 67 days until Grey Cup festivities begin. In Winnipeg. Just saying. 

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