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Making Ourselves Look Foolish '08: Week 2

This probably deserves its own post sometime in the coming weeks, but are we really going to be getting three games a week from the Cuthburt/Suitor combo? Understand that we’re perfectly fine with Cuthburt, even if he did mis-identify numerous players last week, but isn’t this going to get very old rather quickly? Is there nobody else in the TSN cabal that is capable of calling games?

And shouldn’t they have some different guys on hand so that they can show up a few days before the game and talk to some of the players?

Hamilton at Toronto

Not a good first week for the Ti-Cats as the defence got carved up like a whole chicken placed in front of Rob Murphy. The main change for the Cats this week is that the coveted “yellow shoes” have been passed on to Tre Smith after the departure of Willie Pounder. This of course leads to the obvious question: who the hell is Willie Pounder?

Pick: Toronto

Calgary at Edmonton

Wow, that was a lot of bluster from Fred Perry last week without any payoff at all. Good to see that he’s on the same page as his coach. Perhaps the Stamps relatively inexperienced line will prove more palatable.

Pick: Calgary

Winnipeg at Montreal

Presumably this game will be a better indicator, but that was a heck of a start by the Als. The benefit of course of having Trestman succeed this year would be that it would mean that more owners might become more creative in their hiring, something that has been lacking since Greg Marshall was unfairly blamed for the disastrous Ti-Cat team of two years ago.

Pick: Montreal

Saskatchewan at BC

Odds that Wally gives us a nonsensical quote about the QB change: Off the board, it’s already happened (“Was I mistake on my part? I’m not saying it was a mistake or not. I’m not making two mistakes. If I don’t correct it, then I’m afraid to say maybe I didn’t make a good choice.”

Odds that Roy Shivers attacks Eric “The Hedgehog” Tillman with a toothpick: 5 to 1

Pick: BC

Bonus Pick:

All of the Argos have been injured in practice, leaving Pinball to play the Ti-Cats himself. Unfortunately, Pinball was taking part in a pre-game promotion that had him sitting in a go-kart, which the dastardly Ti-Cats have superglued him into. How does go-kart bound Pinball do?*

Boatmenblog Pick: Pinball 274 Ti-Cats 5. This proves to be Pinball’s biggest disadvantage yet. The go-kart severely hampers his ability to tackle and actually makes him slower. On the other hand, he’s playing the Ti-Cats.

* Everything we need to know about football analysis, we learned from early ‘90s SNL sketches.

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