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2008 Preview: Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Pop quiz: Anyone remember who was named Player of the Game in last year’s Grey Cup?

That would be one James Johnson, who intercepted three tosses from Ryan Dinwiddie. I raise this not to be labelled a Dinwiddie hater - who among us has not melted under the gaze of his icy blue eyes? - but merely to point out that the Bombers were basically one freak Kevin Glenn injury away from winning the Grey Cup.

This year, the Bombers have Glenn back with pretty much his entire offensive supporting cast Charles Roberts, Milt Stegall, Terrence Edwards, et al - intact. Meanwhile, players seem to be actually taking less money than they’re worth to stay in Winnipeg, with Tom Canada signing for less money than he was offered by Montreal and Derick Armstrong signing an extension that helped Winnipeg get under the cap.

Understand, this is no small sacrifice in the CFL; there’s a good chance that instead of heading to the Caribbean for their holidays, these guys will have to go to Falcon Beach.

One might assume they’re doing this because they think the Bombers have the best chance of winning the Grey Cup. Doug Brown, on the other hand, offers a somewhat more melancholy explanation. “You don't necessarily have to learn that hard lesson that we've all learned with our ex-girlfriends,” the defensive end says, possibly while sitting alone in his room getting misty to the latest James Blunt record. “Once you let them go, you realize how much you miss them sometimes." (Can someone please give Doug Brown a hug or set him up with a profile on eharmony?)

Ah, but in this feel-good atmosphere, whither Little Hawk? Alas, after 17 seasons with the team, Troy Westwood finds himself cast to the curb for a younger, hotter model.

Yes, the Bombers will likely dominate early and challenge the Argos for Eastern Conference supremacy. But in the end, I suspect, Doug Brown will prove prophetic.

No, Westwood is not going to get a hair cut (perish the thought! - ed), lose some weight and look better than he ever looked in the blue and gold. But don’t be surprised if the new kicker-de-jour messes up in a big situation and leaves Bomber fans wondering if they didn’t have it pretty good with ol’ Troy after all.


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