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Making Ourselves Look Foolish '10 - Week 5

Hey, first place in the East!  Never in doubt. 




Fourteen wins in a row coming up.  Now, what’s up next.... at Mon.... aw shit.

Toronto at Montreal

Maybe I’m alone on this, but is the apparent ease that Marc Trestman has been having in the CFL tarnish Don Matthews’ legacy a little bit?  You know even more than the ’08 Argos stint did. 

On a more serious note, we’re a little perturbed by the decision to fine Rob Murphy.  Hopefully, this doesn’t deter our favourite players from being themselves on their respective twitter feeds. Also this kind of screws up our "who will be fined the most by the league this year" pool.  One of us had Belli, the other Murphy.  I think we need a ruling on if twitter related offences count.

Pick: Toronto

Bonus Pick:

All of the Argos are stuck on a VIA Rail train, so they do the only logical thing: get Pinball to play the Als by himself.  Complicating matters is that Jim Popp has invoked a little known rule to force Pinball to play the game while in a straight jacket. How does Pinball do?

Boatmenblog Pick: Pinball’s less well publicized defensive skills really shine through here. While turnovers are limited, he is able to successfully hurl himself at the Alouette ball carriers limiting them to just 42 yards in net offence.

Things are a little tougher than usual on offence as it takes Pinball awhile to perfect his technique (he settles on picking the ball up by the laces with his teeth) hence the nail bitter of a game.

Pinball 77  Als 0

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