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Making Ourselves Look Foolish '09: Week 7

Calgary v. Edmonton

Look, could the Esks please just go out and buy the domain name eskimos.com already?  Right now it goes to a site that links to "CFL fan jewelry" and a "Hispanic dating network", which I imagine is a small pool in Edmonton.

One can only hope that "CFL fan jewelry" involves pieces featuring CFL fans.  I'll take the gold necklace of the guy wearing the watermelon.

Pick: Calgary

BC v. Toronto

Sadly, we've been hearing some reports of fighting between the Argos receivers and the defensive backs.  This all could have been avoided if the receivers were actually able to get away from defenders.

Pick: Toronto (no, seriously)

Montreal v. Winnipeg

Two somewhat related questions... when was the last time a CFL team recorded back-to-back shutouts and what are the odds that a concussion keeps Michael Bishop out this week? 

Pick: Montreal

Hamilton v. Saskatchewan

Umm... What the hell is going on?  Could someone please send Casey Printers back to Steeltown?  Time to do my part.

Pick: Hamilton

(Pinball pick hopefully coming before Friday's game)

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