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Using A Telescope To Look For The Bright Side

Well... that game was a touch ugly last night.  But we here at boatmenblog encourage you to get your head out of the oven and look at all the positives from last night's game in Montreal:

  • If you were flipping channels, you got to see not 1 but 2 tributes to the 1992-93 Toronto Blue Jays as the Argos posted 0 points. A feat not accomplished since September 1992.
  • It finally erased the memories of that 2006 game in Montreal where John "two thumbs up" Williams started at RB and Spergon Wynn spent most of the game trying to find Shockmain Davis. Damn it, I just brought all of those memories back.  My apologies
  • Didn't hear that annoying "fait du bruit" call as much
  • Heard a French-Canadian PA announcer say Pickett about 5 or 6 times
  • Bart Andrus' hair.... still in place
  • Team status during the national anthem... disciplined.  Very disciplined.  Now they may have had to run the only receiver the team's had in the past 5 years out the door in order to get that way, but look at the resul.... No, no.  We're going to stay positive here.

Is there any more room in that oven?

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