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To Fait Or Not To Fait (the bruit)

Most of yesterday was spent driving to Montreal in a crappy rental car, so not a lot of interesting activity to report. Given the lack of anything interesting to look at on the drive - with the notable exceptions of the Big Apple and the Hell Holes Provincial Park - we thought we’d start off the weekend with our burning questions:

- Will any Als fans show up to the events outside of the Grey Cup village? Number of Als jerseys seen during our four hours at the Spirit of Edmonton room last night...three

- Suzy (or is it Susie, or maybe Suzie... screw it, we’ll go with this spelling) McNeill is playing the half time show on Sunday, but don’t worry if you miss her at the game. Next week she’ll be playing in the area under the food court at First Canadian Place in Toronto. So does that mean we got a sub-par halftime act or is the allure of Taco Bell and crappy Chinese food much stronger than we thought?

- We’ve written pretty extensively over the years about how ridiculous the crowds in the Big O are, and to reiterate we think that the fans that show up to Molson are great. But for some reason the bigger crowd doesn’t cut the mustard. During last week’s playoff game with Edmonton, it sounded very quiet in the Dome when Ricky Ray had the ball - except when the “fait du bruit” instruction played, and then the place went nuts. So given that this is supposed to be a neutral site game, if you’re working the PA system do you play the “fait du bruit” chant when both teams have the ball - which could potentially lead to an epic Calvillo/Chiu freak-out - or do you choose to play it like the Als aren’t involved at all, and accept that most of the crowd will spend the entire game in stony silence?

Off to Touchdown Manitoba...

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