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Making Ourselves Look Foolish '08: Week 4 Take Two

Winnipeg at BC
Anybody heard anything from the Blue Lightning recently?  Oh right… Those. (warning NSFW)

I think it’s safe to say we’ve gotten to the bottom of who was behind the topless tizzy in Regina in 06.

Pick: BC

Montreal at Saskatchewan
I think that I’ve probably counted out Anthony Calvillo at the start of every CFL season for the past 5 years., of course roving what we all already knew… I have no idea what I’m doing.  

The obvious comparison to Calvillo would be a horror movie villain like Jason or Freddy, but he used to play for the Posse, so it’s actually much worse than a fictional character. Basically he’s like the casino where you have an outstanding marker.  Every time you think they’re on the verge of giving up and going home they come back and you have to change your name and face again.  It’s tiring.  You never get to know anyone and despite what the books say constantly adding and removing tattoos to alter your appearance isn’t painless.  After awhile you run out of good ideas and end up getting a picture of Angelo Mosca on your arm, and try explaining that to the ladies…

Anyway, where was I?  Right, Calvillo.  He’s over the hill.  Take the Riders.

Pick: Saskatchewan

Edmonton at Toronto
Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it.  Let’s hope the Argos defence didn’t drink until blacking out after last week’s game

Pick: Toronto

Bonus Pick:

All of the Argos have been injured in practice leaving Pinball to play the Eskimos himself.  But for some reason the Argos also go and sign Hugh Schmelfendorf, a regular guy off the street, and refuse to name a starter.  How does Pinball do?

Boatmenblog Pick: Seriously?  Pinball goes berserk on the Eskimos and convinces Schmelfendorf to buy 1,000 Argo season tickets during the break.  Pinball 562  Eskimos 6
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